The Ultimate City Break Wardrobe

August 21, 2017

The Ultimate City Break Wardrobe

A city break is the perfect type of escapism tonic. A long weekend away to a foreign country, plunged into a busy city, surrounded by a whole new culture and heritage with an eagerness to explore. The only trouble is you want to do all of this looking your best whilst squeezing all your clothes into a hand luggage sized suitcase to save on paying extra for luggage. A weekend break is all about maximum impact with minimum space. Packing smartly is essential to maximising the space and still looking your best, that’s why we’ve put together this guide on the ultimate city break wardrobe.

The Basics

Wherever it is you’re going it’s nice to have a variety of options so getting the basics right is essential. A pair of jeans, a comfortable pair of day shoes and couple of t-shirts are the perfect starting points. Anything which can be dressed up whilst also being casual is your best friend in this situation.

A Day of Exploring

After researching your city thoroughly i’m sure you’ve found 101 places you want to explore so a jam packed day is on the horizon. For this you want to ensure you’re comfortable, not too hot or cold and won’t need to stop every 5 minutes to try and find a comfier position in your shoes. This is where the basics you have packed can come in handy. Try teaming the comfy pair of shoes with the jeans and a casual blouse made of cotton or a light, breathable fabric. Depending on the time of year a light jacket may come in handy here, preferably one that can squeeze into your bag if you’re indoors and don’t need it.

An Evening Out

A weekend away can be the perfect excuse to dress up and make an effort so packing something fancy is always a nice bonus. A dress takes up far less room in your bag than you would expect but heels on the other hand can take up a substantial amount of space. We would suggest a pair of pumps which can also be worn in the day time to get maximum use yet still not look out of place in a fancy restaurant. Pair this with some swanky accessories and lipstick and you’re set for a night out.


This is one part of your wardrobe that you won’t have to worry about not fitting into your case, compact and light, jewellery is the perfect alternative to dress up an outfit or make it look completely different (when you’ve actually worn it twice in one long weekend). A statement necklace is perfect to jazz up a plain t-shirt or a simple dress, whilst a small pendant necklace can be the difference between a dull outfit and a chic one. Statement earrings are the perfect addition to a ponytail and if you’re not a necklace person can also jazz up that plain t-shirt. Finally, a watch is the ideal accessory for a weekend away. It doesn’t take up any room in your hand luggage and can make any outfit look 10x more chic than before. Finding the ideal watch for day and night is tricky so we’ve had a look and found one that we think will be perfect for you.


The Helsinki

This watch is ideal for a weekend away. This European inspired timepiece is simple yet perfectly crafted. It has a smooth finished leather strap and stainless steel making it durable yet stylish at the same time. It comes in a choice of 4 colours meaning you can choose the perfect fit for your weekend away.